Inspiration Station!!

Have you heard of this before?…. Well, I have one now…..

You know those times where you don’t have much time, or you just can’t get motivated, or you just can’t THINK what PROJECT or Embellishment to put on your layout or canvas or journal?


It must have been the fact that a week ago I ‘de-cluttered’ my Studio, and I was thinking how am I going to be more organised? Will I be able to keep my Studio this tidy all the time?….. I received a regular email from My Creative Classroom with a FREE Class called “THE 15 MINUTE CHALLENGE”.. (not that I wanted another Challenge), but the fact I saw this by Jeri Parks, founder of MCC:

In this free class I share my journey to finding the 'time' to be more creative. It includes presentations, tips and ideas for simplifying the process and getting more done. Each week we will discuss our goals and accomplishments....and keep the streak alive. Don't know what 'the streak' is, then join the class and find out.
The class is a free gift to our students who sign up for the MCC Newsletter. After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with the enrollment key. Log on to our site and enter the key to enroll in this class.

A couple of points caught my eye…. ‘finding the time’ and ‘simplifying the process’

I was so inspired and created my own INSIRATION STATION…. want to know what it is or what it does?…. Click on the “THE 15 MINUTE CHALLENGE” and sign up for the Newsletter and join me….



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