Oh DEAR!!!…. seems I have lost some of the photos in my past Blogs here on RinRinKa Mixed Media Art!!!!…. eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!

I had some ‘issues’ (I had no idea what the hell I was doing)… on my new mobile phone when it came to transferring from my phone to my laptop…. grrrrr.. obviously I pressed DELETE somewhere and Pfffttt!! GONE!!.

Well… I wouldn’t have a clue.. and honestly it’s too hard for my brain to work out at the moment, so I just have to ‘let it go’… I hope you understand????

I thought I better give you an update as to what I have been doing lately…. actually, I have been posting on my Scraps and Rides Blog, and my Art, Life, and Work all seems to get meshed together… maybe I should just have one Blog?

Having been on 2 weeks holiday has been the BEST thing…… I have relaxed and cleaned up my ‘Studio’ and I have to tell you…. I LOVE IT!!!…. I have been a good girl and put things back in it’s place after each project…. (um…. some PROJECTS can last up to 2 days..LOL)… but I want to stay in here and keep painting till waaay too late at night… eeeek, how am I going to go when I have to go back to work next week???????????

To be on the safe side, I have uploaded my 123 Challenges for Oct in Flickr as well as here:

Colour: School Bus Yellow

Technique: Paper Strips

Word: Miss, as missing someone or Miss for a girl…

Why not give it a go?…. there are always awesome give aways and prizes…


Little Miss Sunshine – inspired by Tim’s Sally – Paint Your Story….



I don’t want to miss a day making ART!!!

As well as the 123 Challenge, I have been painting canvas’ and my journal… I’ll post those in a few days…… HOPEFULLY!!!…. ;-)


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