FINALLY…… I have painted!!

Go get yourself a nice cup of Green Tea or a glass of fresh juice and read on…..

Yes, I have been getting a few hours ‘playing’ here and there over the past month or so..painting papers from It’s OK To Play Workshop by Suzi Dennis… Oh Suzi is so darn nice… and I love her FREE- Style of Art… so FUN!!!

IMG_20130127_132356 IMG_20130127_132459 IMG_20130127_132531 IMG_20130127_132827

but I haven’t painted a canvas or in my journal in all that time… until today!


LIFE!!! BUSY!!! and also I was on Annual Leave over Christmas and New Year, just enjoying being with my Family…. I had a wonderful time…. and after the celebrations, I just enjoyed being laid back, staying up late, and getting up whenever!!!!

In mid January my daughter and family moved over 400 kms away, which I find a little difficult to accept…. I miss my Grandbabies hugs… We spent time together at the Markets, or going out to lunch, or scrapping nights together…. I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!

Last year was an up and down year…. the ups where my Art, and Face Painting bookings. I was very busy and didn’t look after myself properly, eating too much junk food and stressing over EVERYTHING!!! … the downs… well, WORK!! Lots of ‘stuff’ that I found difficult to handle at times and really didn’t want to be there….

Towards the end of last year, I did 2 online Workshops called The Acorn Project, and The Resilient Mind..So while I was on Holidays over Christmas with my Mum, I was able to ‘regroup’,and centre myself, and prioritise what I wanted to do and needed to do to create a happier, better lifestyle from now on….

So…. I have been doing a lot of walking around the Famous Blue and Valley Lakes, here in Mount Gambier,

runtastic2013-01-22_12_33_39 runtastic2013-01-22_12_41_24 runtastic2013-01-22_12_41_56 runtastic2013-01-22_12_49_21

and I joined a gym again, I have been drinking 2-3 fresh fruit and vegetable juices everyday for the past 34 days!!!! and making healthier food choices everyday. This has to be the BEST life changing decision I have made!!!! If you ever want to know about juicing (faster absorption of vitamins and minerals your body needs), go to REBOOT WITH JOE by Joe CROSS.. it’s not a fad ‘diet’, it is a lifestyle change.. I realised I hardly ever had any fruit or vegetables on my diet, apart from hot potato chips, lettuce, tomato, and onion in a burger or wrap, maybe a sugary fruit juice or my favourite drink… Coffee Frappe…. more calories in it than a whole meal!!! No wonder I felt tired, stressed and so, so depressed!!!

The natural, healthy sugar in fruit give me so much energy and low cals, and the vegetables give me the vitamins and minerals my body needs each day… 

IMG_20130124_113421 IMG_20130124_114822 IMG_20130124_115345 IMG_20130122_135948 IMG_20130122_140720  IMG_20130119_120022 IMG_20130119_121345IMG_20130115_093919

and I had a change of hair colour too!!!! Go me!!!!!


I have also deleted a lot of email subscriptions, and working only on only one Art Workshop at a time…

A BIG DECISION!!!!!!!!!! 

AND one of the biggest decisions I made was cutting back on my hours at work!!! No More Saturdays!! YAY!! That means I have my weekends FREE!! ….. To arrange visits to see my daughter and grandies, to be able to take bookings for face painting without turning down people… To plan little mini breaks with my partner…. Yesterday was my last Saturday, and I am so relieved…. it has lifted a HUGE weight off of me….

I am more excited about this year, I have a much brighter outlook, I feel more positive and I feel much healthier already….

Sorry to ramble on, but I have been wanting to blog, but been a bit busy walking….. and stuff!!! LOL

Please, if you are struggling with coping …… start looking after YOU first!!! Nothing will change if you are stressed, or tired…. get yourself healthy, be strong!!! then everything else will be so much easier to handle… Remember… Rome wasn’t built in a day!!



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Miss Bronny!! You are darn nice too and I enjoy working with you!!:)


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