Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Interest in Mixed Media Workshops?

Would anyone be interested in MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOPS in Mount Gambier, Millicent, Penola, Naracoorte? Just testing the waters, so to speak...


I was thinking of perhaps, Painted Pages for Collage, Recycling/Junk Journals, Making your own Journals and Bookbinding, Whimsical Art, Canvas Art?

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I haven’t had ‘formal training’ in art, although, I’ve ‘dabbled’ in sketching, charcoal and acrylics here and there (in between having children and moving several times). I taught classes in appliqué, quilting and embroidery quite a few years ago, and I loved teaching others who share my passion.

Over the last 2-3 years, I have spent most of my ‘free time’ creating and painting, and it has given me so much joy. It has allowed me to express myself through art and journaling. I would love to share my LOVE for MIXED MEDIA ART with you, and keen to teach you some of the awesome things I have learnt.

I would be available to teach from 1pm weekdays... and some weekends when I am not Face Painting as RinRinKa Fantasy Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos ( ........ and possibly evenings, if the interest is there.

I would start with a Basic Workshop, with minimal products and tools. Later on, some Workshops could be 2-4 weeks with some ‘homework’ in between). I will show you first hand, techniques, the difference between media products, and show you some of my favourite products/tools I use to create my art.

A couple of questions:

What would you like to learn?

How much would you pay for a 2 hour class?

Where would be a suitable venue with no cost or VERY low cost for say 10-12 people to meet? I would love to use my home, but I have a ‘shift worker ‘ in da house......Perhaps your local scrapbooking/art/craft shop would be willing to have me teach in store? Why not have a chat to them and ask them to give me a call?

PM me or give me a call 0431 852 560 if you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to get your feedback... Thank you... Bronny

Sunday, June 23, 2013


My Mum has always been a ‘Marketeer’ (is that a word?…

I remember going to the local Markets helping Mum sell Jams,

Pickles and Craft when I was in my teens.

Then I started selling my Craft, and Machine Knitted Beanies about 20 years ago,

and Art Canvases and Face Painting as

RinRinKa Fantasy Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos 

the last 2 years…

and my daughter also had a stall,

selling her Craft embellishments aka(Charms Creations)

at the Local Market,

which now she sells Online at CHARMS CREATIONS on FACEBOOK


Today was the

Annual Winter Trash & Treasure Market

at the Local Library…

IMG_20130623_110335 IMG_20130623_110529 IMG_20130623_111946 IMG_20130623_112219 IMG_20130623_113515

I had collected heaps of dress and craft patterns over the years

(at 16, I used to make my own clothes… LOL..)

and I worked at Spotlight Dress Dept… (so hard to resist all those patterns)

I literally have hundreds!!!

Kids Patterns, Crafty Patterns, Ladies Fashion, Mens, and Teens..


I’ve been thinking of posting the patterns on my FACEBOOK PAGE

If you are interested,

leave a Comment below or visit my FACEBOOK PAGE..


Saturday, June 22, 2013



Oh Gosh!!!! What fun this is!!!!!….

I bought my Geli Plate from Artified… 

and couldn’t wait to get started ‘playing’

Here are a few of my favourite prints



I used a stencil I made… LOVE IT!!!


I love how quickly you can make pages… a little addictive maybe?

I was up till 1am this morning… LOL


I wonder what this will look like in my journal when I finish adding text and titles to it?


Oh I can do doodling on this one in a #white Gelly Roll pen…


Some of the pages on my drying table… in our family room..  ;-)


Don’t they just get your heart pumping?…

I know they make my heart race… can’t wait to use them!!

Did I mention EYE CANDY?

Oh yes…..


I received my “PAGES” Magazine…


Which inspired me to make..


this ‘Recycled Greeting Card’ Journal… which I luuuurve!!!

I have made these the last few weeks… Love making journals…


I took advantage of the FREE SHIPPING from Artified on the Queens’ Birthday Long Weekend

and ordered this book…


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So inspiring!!!

As yet I haven’t had any ‘quiet, nothing to do time’ to get in the doodling groove

I love the whole concept as it’s interactive… you work in the book as you progress..


I saw Artified had Geli Arts – Geli Plates arriving….

I soooooo had to order one!!! and these 2 books too…


Drool worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tell ya!!

Each book has thick pages and the photographs are spectacular!!

It’s like having my own Suzi Blu and Flora Bowley’s art collection!!

Thank you for stopping by….

till next time, keep safe

and Always Be You!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Loving making handmade Art Journals….

I finished this one last night…. I’ll leave the cover as it is until I work out what ‘theme’ I will use it for..


I used envelopes for the ‘pages’…. 5 x 6 in 16 ‘pages’


These are approx 6-61/2 x 4-5in high 32 pages (I apologize for the photo… bit blurry)


I used what beads I had on hand….


The large Journal is A4… 32 pages.. I love that size….

I’m working on something else ATM….. I hope it works out…

Lots of background painting to do first…..

LOL….. Woohoo… I’m gonna get MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend……

I’m not one to be idle…. my idea of relaxing is doing something I love….

I had a UFO (achem… I have several actually)… but, this one was ‘calling me’ to finish it….


And then….

I couldn’t help myself I made 2 more…LOL



I love making handmade Art Journals…

I actually have another one happening as well…

but I will post it up next time.

I hope you had a great weekend… refreshed, ready for another week of Art or work..



Saturday, June 1, 2013

Do you ‘REPURPOSE’ canvases? Don’t be afraid….

Do you paint over a canvas you didn’t like that you previously painted?

A couple of my earlier canvases have been ‘repurposed’….


It’s actually good to add colour and collage over a painting you don’t like… it’s like letting go of a past experience… you can start afresh….


This is not the actual finished piece….


Here is the finished piece FOR SALE at the Local Art Centre Gallery… top left hand corner of the photo…

I believe my art has improved since I started.. and I like what I do now… :-)

So, don’t be afraid to give a ‘NEW LIFE’ to your work….. it’s quite liberating…

Even when I am tired

I still like to create some art…. even if it is just gessoing pages in my journals…. and speaking of journals, here are my current journals …


One of my favourites is the little one on top…. lots of personal journalling and art created there…

I start off each journal thinking I will go with a ‘theme’, but I usually flip through a journal with an urge to create and just ‘start’… but you know? I like it that way…. as I turn each page there is something different…. unique…. a surprise….


As I started to pile one art journal on another, I couldn’t believe I had started this many…. LOL…

I love looking through my art journals… I love the texture on the pages, the ‘crackle’ sound when you turn the pages.. (my 4 year old grand daughter will sit for ages looking through my journals, over & over again… she glides her tiny hands over the page, feeling the texture…. and my heart sings with joy)

I have seen a vast improvement in my art since I started way back in 2011…

I have painted 100+ canvases… I have sold some…. and have a few for sale in a local shop and Art Gallery and some I have kept for myself or given to family or friends… I have a few that I am ‘repurposing’, the ones’ I don’t like…

How many art journals have you got on the go?…. or finished?… or waiting to ‘start’?


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