Thursday, August 22, 2013

YES.. I’m back!!

   So, I'm back from a fabulous holiday in sunny Cairns QLD..29-29C EVERYDAY!!!!

No surprise the weather is pretty crappy back here in wet, cold Mount Gambier...

I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed.. ready to CREATE!!

IMG_20130520_195351IMG_20130520_200656 IMG_20130520_203345
I am planning more Workshops in September in Mount Gambier...

Collage & Paint... :-)

similar to the canvases above... We will be doing backgrounds and I will show you how I draw faces and hair...  These are so much fun!!!

You can do these on canvas or in a journal.. Anyone interested?

Leave a comment below or contact me by email: or call 0431 852 560

Oh, and visit my Facebook Page come over and say hello!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Who woulda thought I could paint a pretty face?

I am currently on 4 weeks Annual Leave from my ‘Day Job’, and am definitely taking time out to ‘up’ my painting skills…. with the help from Jane Davenport’s fabulous DVD ‘The Whimsical Face’…. and her amazing Stencils…Jane is a wonderful, talented artist, and one day I hope to meet her IRL!!

Here are some of the faces I have painted the last 2 days…


I used the side portrait stencil for this gorgeous lady..

and these 2 lovely ladies are freehand drawn…



Still a lot to improve on, but I’m getting there!!!

Thank you for stopping by… XXXX


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mum and 2 daughters at the Mixed Media Canvas Workshop today

and 3 other lovely ladies!!!
I am always amazed how AWESOME every individual canvas comes together at the end of each class….
I TRULY LOVE sharing my love of Mixed Media and Art!!..
I love watching each person trying something they have never done before, and the look of accomplishment… going “Wow I DID THIS!”
I encourage anyone who THINKS they can’t draw or paint, to come to one of these Workshops..
If you are interested in a Mixed Media Workshop, you can email me at
for more details.