YES.. I’m back!!

   So, I'm back from a fabulous holiday in sunny Cairns QLD..29-29C EVERYDAY!!!!

No surprise the weather is pretty crappy back here in wet, cold Mount Gambier...

I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed.. ready to CREATE!!

IMG_20130520_195351IMG_20130520_200656 IMG_20130520_203345
I am planning more Workshops in September in Mount Gambier...

Collage & Paint... :-)

similar to the canvases above... We will be doing backgrounds and I will show you how I draw faces and hair...  These are so much fun!!!

You can do these on canvas or in a journal.. Anyone interested?

Leave a comment below or contact me by email: or call 0431 852 560

Oh, and visit my Facebook Page come over and say hello!


  1. YAY they look awesome :) Can't wait for our arty/crafty time when you come up! See you soon! xo Charm


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