Back to work….

I have returned to my day job … reluctantly… but I keep sane by getting in my ‘studio’ and create art!

I have also joined the Mermaid Circus, by Jane Davenport and Teesha More!!

Here’s a sneak peak… this Mermie collects shells…


In class there was lots of chatter about a Mermaid trolley… (a place to store all your art goodies for the Mermaid Circus Class)… I was inspired to have a ‘tidy up’ of my studio ( I had stuff EVERYWHERE and it was driving me nuts)… I was shopping for something else and saw this trolley… I just had to get it!!

I call it my CIRCUS TROLLEY!!! It’s bright and colourful, like the Circus!

IMG_20130906_211443 IMG_20130906_211552 IMG_20130906_211630

It’s working a treat… I love it! It has 15 draws, perfect for my paints, gesso, stamps, my favourite pencils and crayons and washi tapes… The poor trolley is just about buckling under the weight.. hehehe

I even tidied my bookshelf!! and have room to move!


It’s not all pretty and colour coordinated, but it’s tidy I guess..

Now I have a tidy studio, I felt inspired to finish off Week 13 of 52 Weeks Of Me.. This week’s topic is PROCRASTINATING… yep… I do it!!

So, because I am getting into Mermaid Mode, I decided to do a mermaid using Jane Davenport’s Stencils…. to tell me to stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT!! Get those hard, difficult tasks out the way… I feel so much better when I can tick another task off my daily list.

IMG_20130907_141155 IMG_20130907_141229 IMG_20130907_141247

Well, I’m ready to do another mermaid… I wonder what she is going to be? A singing Mermaid, a Playful Mermaid, or a Cheeky Mermaid?… we’ll just have to wait and see..

TY for visiting…


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