I’ve had an AMAZING!!! 4 weeks Annual Leave…..

I won’t go into ALL the details…. but I will say

Week 1 - I enjoyed just being home, hosted another Journaling Making Workshop, Face Painting at the local Shopping Centre and on the Sunday, my Fiance and I left to drive to Melbourne to catch our flight to Cairns the next morning.

IMG_20130809_152027 IMG_20130809_152101 IMG_20130810_100431 IMG_20130810_111737 

Week 2 & 3 – We had a FABULOUS time in Cairns, relaxing, swimming, eating, went on a train and Skyrail, visited a fabulous Market at Kuranda and just being Tourists..

IMG_20130812_144337 IMG_20130813_154134 IMG_20130814_132223 IMG_20130814_145708 IMG_20130814_155926 IMG_20130814_163759 IMG_20130815_093031 1005388_498848996864825_1697070343_n IMG_20130815_123901 IMG_20130815_134045 IMG_20130815_152626 IMG_20130816_181917  IMG_20130816_182123IMG_20130817_093827  IMG_20130817_103307 IMG_20130819_182621 IMG_20130819_193129

End of Week 3 – Arrive home, unpack from our Holiday, relax … and I repacked my bags to visit my daughter and partner and my 3 gorgeous Grandbabies…..

The day after I arrived, I did Face painting for a Birthday Party,

1175146_10152175690149478_1390543270_n1239821_10151710218574492_1863420420_n 524436_10151710201789492_1259254566_n  1003921_10152175694354478_1326202462_n 

we visited my Mum, my sister and niece, my youngest GD just loved the mice…

IMG_20130828_115354 IMG_20130828_121758 IMG_20130828_141355 

we walked everyday except 1 day (because it was raining),


we made fresh fruit and vegetable juice everyday,

we got to spend a bit of time creating,

IMG_20130829_135043 IMG_20130829_135101

I made a ‘Birdy’ Book for my youngest grand – daughter… and bought watercolour paints and helped make a journal for my eldest grand daughter…


We ate delicious Sri Lankan food…


I went to Grandparents/Book Week at my 2 eldest grandchildren at their School (I did Face Painting for them), and I got to have lots of cuddles :-)

 IMG_20130830_083255 IMG_20130830_092906

I feel relaxed, and refreshed… but not ready to go back to work…. sadly, tomorrow I must get up early and go back to reality!!!!


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