A NEW Year has begun!!!!

It’s just over halfway through January ALREADY!!!

I have some EXCITING NEWS!!

I will be holding Mixed Media Art Workshops in the Mount Gambier & Districts again this year!


Can you tell I'm excited???

If you love art, or know someone else who would like to give Mixed Media Art a go, join me and other art junkies like me....
We have a fabulous time, lots of techniques and inspiration!!!!!!!!!

These Workshops cater for the beginner, children 8+ (SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS), and adults to 100+....
So please, comment below if you would like to join in the fun..

What type of Mixed Media?

1. Mixed Media Canvas … express your own inner creativity.. using paint, mediums, stencils, texture paste, collage and MORE!


2. Make a Mixed Media Journal Cover & Binding (2 x classes)… Make your own Journal and Cover.. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!


3. Journal Art - Choose a Topic.. For example..A Daily/Weekly Journal, or Quotes & Inspiration.


4. Collage & Paint – Using magazine pictures, drawing faces, choose a favourite quote word.. and lots of techniques  Smile


5. Preferred day?

6. Afternoon or Evening?

Please comment below or email rinrinka@hotmail.com

The Workshops will run for 3hrs.. Prices TBA

I am really looking forward to doing these again... We had so much fun & CREATIVITY last year!!! Come BE INSPIRED!!


I would also like to run CHILDREN’S MM WORKSHOPS again too.... Please let me know if you would like your kiddies to join in the FUN!!!


After school? or Weekends?

Which do you prefer?.... The Workshops will run for 3 hrs...Prices TBA

Please comment below or email rinrinka@hotmail.com



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