I get withdrawal symptoms.........

when I can't create or paint something!!

Yes I do!!

I have been extremely busy with my 'day job' (meh!), and our Photo Booth Business (which I love!), and so getting 'arty' is put on the back burner, unfortunately.

I managed these 3 watercolour sketches since I last posted on the Blog.

Autumn Scene 1

Autumn Scene 2

My sketch of the Valley Lake I love to walk my little doggy
It's Sunday evening and almost time to head for bed before I go to work early in the morning. It's frustrating having the urge to create, but not having the time and energy... grrr
I plan to catch up with some of the online classes I have purchased. I have seen so many awesome artworks so far on Facebook, totally amazing!!!

I hope you have had a fabulous weekend.... 

Keep safe!!


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