I feel a right dill!!!..... and a bit annoyed with myself!

On Tuesday afternoon I held the first Technique Tuesday Workshop....

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I am so annoyed, but I shouldn't be so hard on myself really.
I was kept extremely busy with 7 lovely creative ladies, 2 of which
have never done Mixed Media Art, and
very little art AT ALL!
Being with like-minded people just made me so happy....
there was lots of ooooing and aaaaahing, sharing colour combination ideas,
where to place a stencil or stamp....and lots of inspiration
to get everyone motivated.
You just couldn't help yourself but put paint on paper!
I honestly didn't think about taking photos at the time,
it was only after everyone left I realised I had no photos to share!!
I'm not going to stress about it because 
Technique Tuesday
again next week!!!!!!
Woop Woop!!!
Hopefully I remember and have time to take a few snaps
of what these beautiful souls create next Tuesday!
What do you need to attend a
Some of the tools for Mixed Media Art
If you would like a list of what you need to bring along when you book in,
I can email you the list to you.
You can give me a call on 0431 852 560
Email me at rinrinkamma@gmail.com
you can drop into my
and send me a Private Message.
It's only $10 for 2 hours of fun, friendship and
Mixed Media Art Inspiration!


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